Our Baby Room

(Daisy Room)

For children aged between 0-2 years. The Daisy Room is ran by long term qualified and experienced staff members who work very hard to create stimulating learning experiences.


Activities include sensory play, singing, stories, crafts, free play, outdoor play, messy play, ball pool. The ratio is 1 adult to 3 children.


The room is laid out over the top floor of the nursery over four rooms - free play room, crafts/dining area, sleep room and changing room/toilet. 

The Spinney, Fronhir, Knighton, Powys, LD7 1HT

01547 529920

Open: 8.00am - 5:30pm, Mon - Fri

All year apart from Bank Holidays and a week at Christmas

Ages: Birth to School Age - We are an Inclusive Nursery

CSSIW Registered - Quality of Care Report every 12 months